The magic faery-world Designed, modeled and animated by CLEON Studios

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Agency for 3D- & Mediadesign


Our passion is architecture, interior architecture and product design. Marketing and advertising live on emotional images. We offer atmospheric illustrations related to your project and support you with the visualization of your ideas.
Our services comprise 3D renderings, 3D animations, 360° panoramic views and 3D product / character modelling. We rely on high-capacity hard- and software - this guarantees an efficient workflow and the best possible outcome.

Shortly: We offer 100% reliability, we mind your budget and keep an eye on details  - as a result we deliver highend-quality images which are supposed to ensure your success.






This tool enables your client a real time tour through his future dream property! The application is hybrid and through utilisation of HTML-5 technologies independent from the platform or browser used. It can be started from any system or device, any tablet or smartphone.
No additional software or plug-in is needed to present your project in this impressive way.

Go ahead and test handling and possibilities yourself. We hope you will be inspired.


We visualize your product - impressive, atmospheric and in detail! Our online-configurator shows your product photo-realistic and in highest quality. The application is independent from the platform or browser used and can be handled on any device without additional software or plug-in.
With this tool, your clients are able to understand your product in depth and experiment with it in order to configure their individual and favorite style.

Our objective: to create enthusiasm!




It depends on details. And it's not rare that a true to original 3D-model comes along with an ammount of 10 million polygons or more.

We are able to handle that quantity.
Because supplied with a three terahertz CPU-capacity we can even manage high-polygon projects in shortest time and in highest quality.



People of all ages simply love the juvenile book series 'Das Unkrautland'. The books and all other products around this bizarre fantasy world are elaborately designed. All graphic material has been created by CLEON Studios.



ogg converter by v3.9.1


Flickering fire, clouds passing by or screens turned on. Our virtual walkarounds are provided with any effect you can imagine to lend the project a maximum of reality.

And for sure, your individual CI-presentation can be placed on every screen shown in the walkaround.